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MissionSquare Retirement Promotes Resources to Help Employees in Public Service Evaluate Their Savings Goals During America Saves Week

February 18, 2022

America Saves WeekToday marks the kickoff to America Saves Week, an annual celebration to motivate, encourage, and support individuals and families as they work to create and maintain financial stability. MissionSquare Retirement is exclusively committed to helping those working in public service save successfully. During the week, the company will encourage clients to take a moment to evaluate their 2022 savings goals.

“Our objective is to ensure employees have the tools and resources they need to properly navigate through the various areas of their finances,” said MissionSquare Retirement’s Chief Marketing Officer Sheri Gilchrist. “With the rise of inflation and the impact the pandemic has had on emergency saving, we want to empower them to make informed financial decisions so that they are better positioned for future success. That is not possible without evaluating their goals regularly to find out where they stand; America Saves Week is a great opportunity to do just that.”

As part of America Saves Week, MissionSquare Retirement will showcase resources available to public employees like a budget calculator and informative articles on topics, including:

Budget Your Finances

  • Put Savings (and Yourself) First with a Budget

Save for the Unexpected

  • The Importance of Emergency Savings

Reduce Your Debt

  • Yes, You CAN Get Out of Debt

For more information and to view MissionSquare Retirement’s America Saves Week resources, visit

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